Collecting with passion - It all started with a Fendt (Dieselross) F15G tractor, built in 1951

It was the first that the initiator of the Moselland Museum, the Pollmanns family, never wanted to give away again. A beautiful agricultural vehicle. Too bad to just throw it away at the junkyard decades later. You don't throw away what you love.

The F15G is now spick and span (almost) like new in the Moselland Museum, and you could still chug through the vineyards with it at 18 kilometers per hour, just like in youth.

To this day, several other wonderful tractors have followed. The Pollmanns family, like other people, collected them together with other testimonies from their youth and could no longer separate themselves from anyone. All these tractors are, so to speak, at home on the Moselle, one more beautiful than the other, everyone like then, living testimony to a present that, as always, is becoming the past much too quickly.

What do you do when numerous tractors and lots of things related to wine growing on the Moselle and the life and work of the "good old days" have accumulated at home, from which you simply cannot separate? Throw away? Dispose of? Never. It is too valuable for them. The Pollmanns family had not collected all of this because they needed it for everyday life, but because they wanted to keep it. It is part of the lives of all residents of the Moselle region, it is their past, not only her own.

That's how the idea came about. It is the motive behind every museum: to capture memories of a bygone era that was once present.