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The idea


It all began with a tractor made by Fendt (Dieselross) F15G, built in 1951. It was the first, the initiator of the Moselland museum, which the Pollmanns did not want to give away. A beautiful agrarian vehicle. This is not something you should bring to the junkyard. You do not dump something you love.

This is why the F15G is standing in the museum just like on day one, you could still use it to drive through the vineyards with 18kph.

This tractor was followed by 27 other wonderful machines. The Pollmanns collected them together with other testimonies of their youth, just like others collect stamps, and they did not want to lose any of them. Every tractor is at home at the river Moselle, one is more beautiful than the other one, everyone like back then, a living testimony of a present which becomes a past far too fast.

What do you do if you collected 28 tractors and many other things from the "Good Old Times" at home? Dump them? No way! The Pollmanns did not collect them for using in their everyday life, they wanted to keep them. It is a part of the lives of all people at the river Moselle, it is their past, not just the Pollmanns' past.

This is how the idea emerged. It is the motivation for every museum: Keeping the memories of a long passed time.