to the official site of the Moselland Museum in Ernst near Cochem
at the river Moselle. In August 2015, construction on our property,
the former hotel "Ring" from 1959, started, aiming to build a very
special museum. Beginning in June, the exhibition area (about 1,600 m² across four floors) delivers a nostalgic experience of
the sixties, the "good old times" to the visitors.

It all began with a tractor by Fendt (Dieselross) F15G,
built in 1951. more information

Declaration of love to the Moselle

After a long planning and construction phase,
the new Moselland Museum in Ernst has been opened.
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Philipp's Bistro

Familie Pollmann

Breakfast buffet
am 05.03., 12.03, 26.03. & 09.04.2017

9am - 11.30am

Large, extended breakfast buffet at Philipp's Bistro

With 1 glass wine cellar and coffee specialties
also entrance to the Moselland Museum

Special price 23,00 €

+49 (0) 2671/8683 or +49 (0) 2671/6078377

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Tractor rentals

Familie Pollmann

On the tractor in the new era

Experience a unique ride with a tractor after a theoretical introduction to the tough technology of the "Diesel" through some of the most beautiful places along the river Moselle. We only make recommendations. Our offer is for everyone willing to dive in to this amazing adventure and the gorgeous landscape.

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