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Forge, school and the snuggery

Not only new tractors were responsible for the way of life at the river Moselle. The visitors are able to see a small forge and notice the only minor progress since the Bronze Age. The population has changed, but many elements in the everyday life did not. Even if they did, you can at least see their old origin.

We also invite you to visit our recreated school respectively classroom. Here you can sit down on a school bench and try recreating the feeling of a pupil 60 years ago. If you were lucky, you were able to spot a tractor from our museum driving up the hills, but the pupil was thinking about something else. This bench and the classrom built the base for everything the pupil learned. This feeling changed over times: different benches, different classrooms, a different type of teaching, different types of teachers. Only the excursive thoughts of the pupil and the joyful anticipation of sheer endless freedom of a cloudless Sunday afternoon must have been loved in a similar way.

At home in the snuggery

This was the centre of the family life, all the threads came toghether here, every day, every year, always. The snuggery was associated with family and peace, it was the geographical location of family. Everything in a winegrower's building is about the wine and the vineyards. The thinking, the feeling, the hope, the awareness of every winegrower family is determined by the wine and the vineyards. And this snuggery was the location of this awareness.