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Discovering new times with a tractor

Rent a tractor beginning May 2015

Who has not ever dreamt of taking a ride with a tractor? Feel as the king of the vineyards beginning in the morning, high above the ordinary vehicles, driving at suitable speeds, escorted by lots of small cars. Enjoy the beautiful landscape and the clean air while talking to a pleasantly smiling passenger who is going to share a delightful bottle of wine with you in the afternoon.



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Nostalgic Tractor-Ride now

This is how a day gets great, everyone will regret not having had such an experience. At least ONE time in your life you should try a tractor, driving along the vineyards, only the sun smiling in the sky. In front of you the majestic landscape of the river Moselle and the vineyards, reason for the vitality and wealth of the people who are lucky to have the chance of living or at least staying in such a gorgeous place. Behind you the dark diesel cloud, a sign of the strength and satisfaction of this wonderful invention for agriculture and viticulture. During the whole ride you can hear the continuous sonorous toc-toc-toc-toc of the engine filling the silence between the vines, up to the edges of the deep forests.

All of this becomes reality in this moment, becomes alive. You are able to experience the beginning of modern times in the vineyard on a tractor. Seemingly lost past is alive, here and now.

Do not let such an opportunity pass by, this dream can come true for you and your family. Once in your life riding along the vineyards witch a tracor will be one of you finest memories.